Book a Tee Time

To book a tee time send a request to below url.

POST /api/v3/bookings
  • Json body parameters.
    • facilityId (Type: Integer) ID of the facility.
    • teetime (Type: Date yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM:ss) Date of the booking
    • course (Type: String) Name of the course.
    • players (Type: Integer) Number of players participating in the booking (between 1-4).
    • contactPhone (Type: String) Phone number.
    • contactEmail (Type: String) E-mail.
    • contactFirstName (Type: String) First name of the contact person for this booking.
    • contactLastName (Type: String) Last name of the contact person for this booking.
    • holes (Type: Integer) Number of holes (9 or 18).
    • teeId (Type: Integer) ID of the tee time.
    • netRate (Type: BigDecimal) Total amount that we need to send facility for given tee slot.

All of the above fields are required.

  • Json optional body parameters.
    • extraProduct (Type: ExtraProduct(mid(Type: Integer), quantity(Type: Integer))) ExtraProduct for Booking

An example request could look like this :

curl -X POST -H 'Content-Type:application/json'  --user [[username]]:[[password]] '[[base-url]]/api/v3/bookings'
    -d '{"facilityId":"1",
        "teetime":"2018-08-20 07:20:00",
        "course":"Champions course",
        "contactName":"James Smith",
        "extraProduct": [
              "mid": 274,
              "quantity": 2
              "mid": 259,
              "quantity": 2
  • Successful response (application/json)
        "success": true,
        "data": {
            "bookingId": "ZG1234"